Calm Your Nerves Now

3:41 PM

I cant bring myself to believe that its almost September. This means '10 is 75% over. I don't think anything big has happened this year. Anyway, this is just gonna be another post by a sixteen year old school girl. In other words, a bore.

My sleeping hours have been jumping through hoops these past few weeks as a result of being apart of the Editorial Board. I signed myself up for the graphics segment last year, and unexpectedly, I was accepted. I reapplied for the next board a few days ago. I've already started to regret it. Seems like its too much work to me. Lets just wait for the school magazine to be published, might just change my perspective.

Moving on, we are in the midst of Ramadhan which means a few short weeks and its Raya. I cannot wait for Raya! It has been too long since I've seen my cousins and aunts and grandparents reunite under one roof asking for forgiveness and exchanging smiles. Not to mention, the delicacies during this festive season is simply mouth-watering.

I shall blog more often. No promises though.


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