Just For Tonight , Let's Get Lost

7:49 PM

Ok hi how's your mother ? Im tired oh god. I want to sleep and die and weep in a hole. I went to Worldstage last night. 'twas okay except for the fact that the management was very poor and Katy Perry wasnt wearing a skimpy outfit. Coheed and Cambria are playing tonight and I wanna go but I know my dad wont allow it since tomorrow is a school day :/ My brother is going tonight ha ha hahaha aha. August test is just around the corner and I am scared 2 da bone~!!~!! hahahaha ok. Jeez who laughs at her own jokes , man ? fjsknfvsdifcnikejf ok.

I have this obsession with Miu Miu shoes right now. Especially their platform clogs. Well I guess all I can do is stare and drool and hope to find it *magically* waiting for me under my bed one day. FTS I might as well get a knockoff or something :p

Puasa is also around the corner. I cannot wait for Raya. So psyched. I will upload some shots from my diana and mira's diana mini ASAP.


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