2:30 AM

All the things I have done for you, everything. I know eventually it will mean nothing. All those sacrifices, friends I have lost and promises I have broken will just be a blurry teenage memory. Unless we lead a happy life for the next sixty, fifty years. Who knows? But honestly, as weak as I am, Im not all that shallow. Things will end, not on a high note. Matter of time, matter of how things change. I do not want to keep living my life like this. Its too darn boring and I am far too sensitive. I dont respond well to "CHILL LAH" at all. Every girl you speak to is another name I'd like to pack a knuckle sandwich for. Every sentence you construct is a promise. And for every promise you make, I await for the time you break it. Feeds my ego but doesnt make things better. Goddammit, I thought you knew me better than this.

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