They Were Always Meant For You

4:02 PM

Sup ma fellow bloggers? I've gotten a new baby. Giving birth really isnt as painful as your mother says it is. I kid.

So anyway, Raya shopping wasnt a complete failure. Besides getting the camera, two tights and a dress. w0w you wouldve figured Lisa to be the one who carries eight shopping bags on each arm but neh. Seriously, if someone would carry H&M or Urban Outfitters or New Look , I'd be so happy. Although Im pretty sure the aftermath of that would be all the girls indulging themselves in the same clothing. Cotton On reference.

Raya is coming and here I come, Paramore! I have this mentality where I think that everyone has a soft spot for this band. Swell, am aware. Whatever it is, I'll have to save some for the college fund. I inundate myself with sloppy grades and they aint lookin up to me.

Would get the White Diana Mini but the thought of more mini clones being released later on just petrifies me. Need some black and white film for the festive season.

Here's an early ;
Selamat Hari Raya!


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