Forcing Beatles To Disband

12:32 AM

Guessing I've recovered from my momentary temper-mentality. A slight bit dramatic and heck loads irrelevant it was. I've never felt more like a teenager these past few months in my entire youth. One day I would love someone so much that I'd demand a ring around my finger, and then I would just break all connections to the human race on the next. So much mixed emotions in a short period of time. A hassle, a chaos.

I've started drawing. I've always wanted to be good at drawing. It seems like a skill that everyone should master to express their feelings in a quaint manner. If everyone were to do just that, the world would be peaceful and everyone would just shut up; which happens to be extremely brilliant most of the time. Anyhoo, I finally put some effort into drawing. Wishing I could master the skill but not doing anything about it is rather futile.

What's really under my skin right now is my studies. Still. Contemplating. On. Whether. To change classes. Or not. What makes me so sure that I'd be better off in arts? Absolutely nothing.

Can someone please get me the tie dye Reynolds cruiser from the new Emerica fall collection? That would be g89.

The only thing that seems to be calming me down these days are The Album Leaf's Twenty Two Fourteen and a boy named Haqim. Not sure if you guys have heard of him or not.


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