After a Hurricane, Comes a Rainbow

12:31 AM

You know what's fun? Long walks with a bestfriend in another town while trying a foreign sport.

You know what isn't? Having people pretending to be you and talking to themselves under random usernames.

Oh well, you can't stop the stupidity of the world from spreading, so I guess I'll just be glad that some people actually bother visiting my blog, haha. Oh and I'm probably gonna delete the chatbox soon. The motive of it being present was so it would be easier for my readers and I to converse. It's getting a little out of hand. So have fun with it while its still around :) Hopefully people will not be too lazy to click on the comment button below every post.

I had a wonderful few days. If not spent with Haqim, then spent with Lanee or other close friends. So thankful that I've got these people to hold onto. Also, I'm glad I'm living in the ~Harry Potter generation~ as Rhyz would put it. The movie was beyond spectacular. Frankly, I've only started grasping onto the movie by mid 2010, only cause I didn't understand it when I was younger. Loved it once I understood.

'Sides that, I've been trying a few sports that have caught my eye over the years. Sports? Lisa? Really, now? Really.

Hope the next month and a half goes smoothly. And then it'll be 2011. And I'll be an SPM candidate. And then I'll die. Loljk... or am I? Hehe


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