Lonely Lover's Charm

3:11 AM

A lot of the 2010 recaps I've read said that the year's been eventful. For me, not so much. I don't remember anything big happening or I might just blame my memory capacity for this. I met quite a few lovely people. Lost a few friends. Spent more money. Made many mistakes. Loved unconditionally. Wasted a lot of time. Snapped many photos. Some on film, which reminds me, many rolls of film have yet to be processed. Lost weight. Grew hair. Gotten more ignorant. Lost myself on various social networking sites. Grew my love for best friends. Pierced my lip, which is gone now. Pierced my helix a week ago. Studied fashion through the internet. Cried on nights I couldn't finish my editorial work. Stuck to one journal all year. Drank tea about four times a week all year. Increasing amount of scars. Got less trashy. Sticked to skinny jeans. Normal occurrences in life I assume.

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