So The Darkness I Became

10:54 PM

My bestfriend, Lanee is enjoying icy Switzerland while my boyfriend, Haqim is skating in Singapore and guess where I'm at? That's right, home. SUX 2 B ME. For the past few weeks, or probably months by now, I've been reading heck loads of fashion blogs. I can't get past how lovely Jeffrey Campbell's shoes are! I initially wrote down a long paragraph of which shoes I want until I deleted it and came up with the brilliant idea of creating a montage.

I wonder why I even try. There's a chance that the sum of these shoes cost more than my college tuition, hahaha. Speaking of college, I should really have a rough idea of what I'd want to do as a career. Journalism, yes? No?

I miss Haqim to death. I think I'm gonna be updating a lot while he's gone. Oh on a side note, you can cancel off maxi skirt from my wishlist. Bought a maroon the other day :B


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