Creativity (Or lack of it) Unleashed

8:42 PM

These were collected over the past few months. Forgive me for being an artsy noob, the gigando room for drawing improvements is far too apparent. I bought this blue hardcover notebook for school. When I peeled of the top hemispherical sticker, it left a nasty sticky patch. And this was what I did to match it with the beautiful watch that Lanee bought for me :~) Although now that I look it, I did a terrible job hahahah. It looks more like scribblings rather than the rate you see on the heartbeat monitor thing. I was not aware that colouring fabric with pop art markers would take forever to dry off! I can't even touch the book without getting pink ink on my fingers.

Haqim and I turn 23 months tomorrow, yeay ok kthxbai

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