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12:51 PM

Source: Tongue in Chic

Can I just say that I almost cried when my mum told me that she had that Moschino belt? I was showing her this photo of Chiara Ferragni aka The Blonde Salad and her beautiful Celine bag. My mum told me that she has the same belt as the one Chiara was wearing and of course that made my week!!! Hello, I've been googling/ebaying the belt for a month or two but I bet my parents wouldn't want to bear the shipping costs. So there you go, my mum's vintage belt. LOVES IT ♥ Bet you won't find one of those anywhere in the country ;)

I'm pretty sure the next time I'm out with a group of friends, it'll be very awkward for me since I feel like I don't even remember what that's like anymore. Haha it has only been a month, maybe I'm exaggerating.

I've kind of cut all my social networking habits. Not entirely but I'm way less active now. School isn't giving me space to breathe. It's a good thing that I'm far apart from all these social network sites. I have quite a colossal amount of anger in me and I don't want to get back to my roots of documenting my every thought (Easy A, haha). Speaking of Easy A, gosh I love that movie, I bought The Scarlet Letter. It might be a newer rendition, not sure, because the cover's new or maybe they just rebranded the whole thing. Read the first five pages and felt like a total stranger to the English language.

I think I'm picking my photos up today, I'll put em up as soon as I get my hands on em!


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