Shiny Feet

12:29 PM

(left-right, going down)
1. Miu Miu
2. Miu Miu
3. Forever 21
4. Giuseppe Zanotti
5. Jeffrey Campbell
6. Jeffrey Campbell

Since I have nothing new to share, I'll just post up some photos. I'm starting to like glitter shoes now. Really, all my life, I despised glitter & sequins. Well not ALL the time but most of it. I watched a tutorial on youtube and they just got me wrapped around. BLAME THE GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI BOOTS!!!! I find them stupefying. Really, like if I could afford those shoes I would ship those babies right this second.

Too much time spent at home equates to endless hours on twitter and finding time to study. It's all pretty messed up. Aren't I suppose to study endlessly and squeeze twitter in the gaps? But oh well, look at me, I'm nowhere as right as a 90° triangle. That doesn't even make sense but I'm not gonna delete that sentence. I want to remember how pointless my blog was when I look back later on.

Am I the only one who thinks that there is something wrong with starting March test on the 28th of Feb???????? Yeah, way to go, SA.

Also, all I do aside from studying and ranting on twitter is crave for some frozen yoghurt.


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