Don't Want to Talk, All I Hear is Noise

10:43 PM

I've made many plans of travelling abroad after my big exam. I'm so sick of this city. I'd like to go somewhere filled with shady trees and low-end clothing stores by the roadsides. Don't think I'd mind sleeping on someone else's couch for two weeks or so. Exhaustion has the capability to drive a girl in all sorts of direction. I'd love to stay in Los Angeles for a couple of weeks! A combination of Laguna Beach and Fashion District sounds divine.

Frankly speaking (or typing, in this case), I've been wanting to blog so badly these past few days. I feel like I had too much going on in my head that I just had to let it out. However, I did not want to clash with the bright happy colours of my new blog buttons ----------->
by being a downer. I've been so unhappy lately, more than usual. You have to understand how I'm this jar of teen angst and hatred. I believe bottling it all up is better than releasing 'em because wasting other people's time is the last thing I'd like to do. Everyone faces problems of their own so I wouldn't want to put them in a position where they'd HAVE to comfort me.

Hard keeping your chin up when you keep losing friends. I have to accept the fact that some people are really genuine and some are just there for... god know's why.


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