Shake Me Down, Not A Lot of People Left Around

2:05 PM

This topic of losing friends... makes me feel so uncomfortable. Here they are making it public as ever their hatred (I would've used disliking but who are we really kidding here?) towards me while I feel a ton of guilt pouring over for even mentioning whatever that's happening. To put somebody through a such a dreadful time, you'd have to own solid proof that he/she burnt your house/killed your cat/tore your dresses or anything equal to it. To judge a person entirely by the words of someone else is sheer idiocy. I wouldn't have taken it so personally if we were just acquaintances. As much as I'd like to deny it, both of you were obviously more than that. Sadly, I think we can all agree that as much as we're nice to others, we're not always treated the same in return. Have heart, you two.

Refreshing myself by cleaning my mouth of cusses and my heart of negativity. I pledge to focus on my future and leave everything unworthy behind. Thank God I'm not shallow enough to dedicate my life (or Twitter account) to hating someone else. Praise the Almighty for all that I have as I feel like that's all I need. A good set of parents, a roof over my head, people who appreciate my presence and school to keep me on the right track. Alhamdulillah. And also for my phone, laptop, clothes, shoes and bags hahaha :~)

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