12:09 AM

Hey everyone, what's cracking? I really want to update this static blog. I really want to update more often but with trials knocking me down, I'm confident I won't be able to do just that. I really really want to post on my raya (eid mubarak) celebration (if I may call it that). Since I need some time to edit my photos and since I don't have time to do so, that will be postphoned. I recorded a couple o' random snippets of here and there, which then led me to obsess over Adobe Premiere Pro CS5; mind you, I have no idea how to work that piece of complex software. So here I am, waiting for my Adobe After Effects CS5 to finish downloading. I really hope it'll be worth my 58 minutes of waiting. I actually tried using After Effects once but it was too complicated for me. I mean if THAT was complicating, can you even imagine what I felt when I faced Premiere Pro on my desktop? THE HORROR.

Aside from that, guess what just finished downloading? No, not After Effects. The original 1975 film, Rocky Horror Picture Show. I came across it a couple of times before like when I was watching Glee (YOU WATCH GLEE???) and reading Perks of Being a Wallflower (YOU READ THAT TOO??) (which by the way is an awe*wait-for-it*some book). Then I youtubed a song that was sung in the movie, duh it IS a musical, and I just got hooked. The song's called Touch Me or something, and no it ain't a cover of The Doors. Despite being sorta obscene but not brutally vulgar (like the shit you hear on radio today), it's a really nice song. And to tell you the truth, I don't mind a song being all obscene as long as it doesn't have anything to do with dancing in clubs or heavy breathing or I don't get stuck with the song on the radio when it's just me and my dad in the car.

Although I'm pretty sure I say this a lot, it seems like it's been a long time since I actually posted something like I'm actually conversing with someone. If you haven't met me or if you've never been stuck with me on a good day, this is actually how I talk in real life. I have a problem with punctuation when speaking, lol does that even make sense? I mean, I can hardly stop mid-sentence because if I do, there's a high chance I might forget what I was going to say and I really really hate that feeling. Something sort of weird (well it was weird when I actually analysed my day) took place on Monday. I asked a number of people in school what they thought if I tried stand up comedy and they all pretty much said the same thing which was "kitorang je kot yang faham" and please don't ask me to translate that to english because I don't think it would make much sense without an explanation and the explanation would probably be long, kind of like this sentence you're reading. And explanations really ain't my thang. People I know (that's code for "hate me") would probably just throw a shoe in my direction. They'd probably just throw one side, which would probably be the left shoe because it would be WRONG to throw the RIGHT. Honestly, I know I say really dumb things but I really do appreciate it when the girls in school laugh at them because their laugh is sort of like a symbolic standing ovation. Ironically, sometimes they do stand in ovation after they've had a really long laugh, or that silent laugh where they just... vibrate. Well, just a number of girls laugh at my jokes though and I will really miss them once I'm out of school.

And this, fellow readers, is really how a conversation with yours truly usually goes.

Wow, this is a pretty long post huh?

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