Exam bugs

1:26 AM

Hi, how is everyone doing? I think I'm going mad. Well, sort of. Trials have passed, spm is in like 38 days? A month and a week. The last time I saw the sun (literally) was four days ago at school. Bloody exam has got me quarantined! This suffocating but necessary lockdown has been serving quite well, I'd say? I've got some studying done although I should spend less time on my laptop. A few episodes of Glee or 90210 as a reward for being a good girl. Funny innit, being in a tropical country but all you yearn for is some UV light being shun on your skin? Well yes, that's because I'm indoors. I would say that one of the side effects of this quarantine is that it makes me answer my own questions but then again, I think I've been doing that since '94. I guess this is it then. And RIP, Steve Jobs. The genius that revolutionized the world of technology will be missed.

Sleep tight!

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