Shoes > People

4:59 PM

I like shoes. I love shoes. To be frank, I have an obsession with shoes (and a minor obsession with bags). Have you ever watched or read Confessions of A Shopaholic? I swear, everytime I watch that movie, I see myself in her (expensive) shoes. Hopefully I won't get so addicted to using credit cards and have a habit of binge shopping. I understand why she loves to shop so much, really. New clothes and shoes and bags bring hope back into life. People break your heart and make you feel worthless all the time but shoes? They make you feel pretty and tall amongst other magical feelings. I don't know about you, but how often does a sincere compliment come by? Humans are so complex. Compliments are sometimes sincere and sometimes just conversation fillers. For example, if you were to hop onto a wagon of pretty girls, a third party would HAVE to compliment you if he/she compliments everyone else unless that person's a douche. Maybe he/she really thought that the other girls were pretty but he/she just wanted to be polite to you. Or maybe, the person who complimented you suspected an awkward silence coming by and the only thing he/she could think of was to express his/her fondness of your face or whatever to stall the moment or before he/she could think of something else to talk about. Gee, I don't know but it makes sense, doesn't it? And so, I end this post by concluding that shoes > people.

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