The Day We Thought Would Never Come

8:30 PM

Tomorrow's the first day of SPM. I'm not gonna say that I've been working my ass off for two years because let's face it, that's a lie. I was studying other subjects last year and I've only been taught half the things I'm getting examined for. This only applies for certain subjects tho, not all. Whatever it is, you won't find me making excuses for my less-than-ready preparation.

Tonight's the night before exam. I felt like it was just a week ago that the countdown shifted to two digits from three digits. That's what you get for wasting time, I guess. I'm not saying I didn't study at all because hey, that's all I've been doing the whole year.

Hope to God that my efforts won't go to waste! Please, please, please just let me get 7As!!!!
I wouldn't complain if I get more :p

Good luck to other SPM candidates x

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