2011 Dream Bag

2:30 AM

Celine Luggage Phantom in natural calfskin

I cannot express how deeply in love I am with this bag. I don't know what it is about it - the ability to expand to greater widths, the luxe leather or the ambiguous smiley face. I just find it.. so.. DREAMY~*~*~* Every season, Celine's Luggage Phantoms come in different hues and textures; they never fail to make girls all over the world drown in their own drool (yuck). Since being indecisive is my most colassal trait, I can't seem to choose which version of it I like most. Suede in black or royal blue, black snakeskin, grey leather with orange lining make up a marvelous variation. Thankfully the one in the picture above is from Celine's Spring 2012 collection which in my knowledge will be in stores from January til March, I think. I've been obsessed with this bag for over ten months. Believe me or not, I am not exaggerating. Hence, I end my post with announcing this baby as my 2011 dream bag.

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