Frozen In Time

1:19 AM

Recurring theme of prom, my apologies. This was the forth prom I attended. The only thing that separates this attendance from the other proms was that I came as a photographer. I got quite a lot of shots. To be honest, I was pretty scared when I was invited to this event but then, who could say no to a free entrance, right? Hahahaha. I brought my cousin along. She's a year my junior and she really wanted to see what it was like at such event. I wore the same dress I wore to my prom, hehe.

By the way, Frozen In Time was organised by the committee of SMK Section 9, Shah Alam.

By the end of the night, my left arm felt like it was about to drop off my body. Are you guys aware of how bloody heavy a Canon 60D is?!?! Well maybe it was the camera + lens + external flash combo. It was SO heavy! At least for a weakling like me.

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