Royale Rendezvous

2:26 AM

Last night, I had the courtesy of attending Seri Cahaya's Royale Rendezvous prom. The first prom I attended was Sri Cempaka's prom last year in support of my best friend who moved from Sri Aman. Now that I think of it, I was with both Lanee and Sarah for both proms. All in all, I had a blast last night! The main reason we went was because our good friend, Deera, was partly in charge of it and seeing how we're fab friends (ultra lol), we had to show our support. I don't regret spending the amount I spent on the ticket though. The food was delicious! Lab The Rat played live which was A+. When the band came on stage, I felt like I recognized the lead signer. As I predicted, he was the lead singer of one of my favourite local bands, Love Me Butch. A well deserved round of applause for their 45 minute set. I literally felt like crying my eyes out when they played a cover of The Cure's/311's Love Song because UGH THAT'S ONLY MY FAVOURITE LOVE SONG EVER and when Deera asked for suggestions on songs to play for the slow dance earlier that day, I suggested that song! The irony. Oh, I was upset because I was dateless and there were many couples slow dancing, haha. Lanee and I later approached the band and I told the lead singer, Shahrul, how I used to listen to Hollywood Holiday on repeat when I was 12 and how I thought that was the best local song ever recorded.

Anyway, I was accompanied by Lanee, Rhyz, Deera, Hadzwan, Sarah and Ibrahim. Sarah, Ibrahim and I were dateless so I guess it was a three-way for us and not the dirty kind hahahaha! Some of us got to embrace our awkwardness~ I was so happy when Deera won best dressed although I wasn't that surprised to be frank.

My senior prom is gonna be held at Sunway Hotel tomorrow. I hope all goes well and I hope my voice will ~*~magically~*~ come back. You know what I sound like now?
i) A young boy who reached puberty
ii) Rose in Titanic when she was freezing and was calling out for Jack from the top of the plank or whatever "Jack! Come back, Jack!"

Yes so whatever all I hope for now is that I get my voice back by tomorrow morning and that my date will look dashing. Here's a preview (haha) of my dress for tomorrow night!

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