Burberry's Monk Wedge / thefashioncitizen

6:00 PM

We all know that the go-to site for videos is youtube. My favourite youtubers are Kingsley, MeghanRosette and thefashioncitizen. Remember when I blogged about Burberry's Monk wedge? Yeah well, one of the sisters from thefashioncitizen just got it for Christmas by the other sister.

I loveeee Steph and Melissa! I love how they incorporate affordable pieces together. These girls look so approachable and friendly :-) Anyway, I've been following thefashioncitizen for almost a year now. I can say that we share the same likings seeing how most of the stuff they feature are stuff I'd buy. They have two or three Lita's by JC which I was deeply infatuated with, they made me fall in LOVE with Jessica Simpson's Pai which is no longer in production (I think), they have a neon messenger bag from Target which somewhat has the same concept with the Fluro Cambridge Satchel I wrote about a few posts ago and now these Burberry babies. What I incredibly love about these sisters is that they use items that teenage girls can actually afford unlike most fashion bloggers. Most of their goods are from Last Chance, the Salvation Army and Goodwill. Who are your favourite youtubers?

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