My bag favourites of 2011

2:07 PM

Furla Candy Bag
The most affordable out of the bunch. Bold pink that screams out FUN! Unfortunately for me, Furla stopped carrying the colors I liked once I actually got permission to buy this baby. I even bid for it on eBay. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.
Proenza Schouler PS1 satchel
For me, this was definitely the "it bag" of 2011. If there was a bag that could define the year, this would be it. To be frank, I've never heard of Proenza before this eyecandy came along, but then again, I didn't really have a deep interest in these things back then. If I could ever afford this satchel, I wouldn't be able to be at peace with myself for a really long time. I wouldn't know whether I wanted leather or suede, which color, or which size. I swear. There's a mint green (the one above) then there's a maroon one (new fave color) and I mean, leather or suede?!?! Leather goes with everything but suede just puts everything over the top. Aside from PS1, I also really adore the PS11. How can I resist edgy trims complimented with studs?

Fendi Peekaboo
This is one of Fendi's classic bags. They have a Peekaboo every season with slight interior/leather/colour difference. I don't usually like structured pieces but I thought this was very executive chic. I mean if I had this little cutie up with me, I'd probably be all gangstah woman in power. Or something.... But anyway, I think this bag deserves a gold star.

Cambridge Satchel Company Fluro Satchel
This is the only thing I remembered liking aside from designer items. This falls under high street, I think. Alright I lied then, this is the most affordable. Again I state, I'm not really a fan of the super strong structure but the neon yellow has got me under its magic. Blame thefashionsquad for making me like this so much! :-(

Theres actually more bags that I loved in 2011 but I can't seem to find the time. Maybe later (never), have a good day!

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