12:19 AM

Greetings. I've been at home for about six days now, returning to camp tomorrow evening. For those who don't know, my grandfather passed on last Friday at about 1pm. He was such a lovely person, inside and out. Loving, independent and responsible. If I had to pick my favourite man in this world, he'd totally be it (that's right, Haqim). He was just.. the best. What I love most my grandfather and grandmother is that they LOVE to spoil their grandchildren with compliments. They would always tell me how beautiful I've grown whenever I visit them. He would walk around with his belly and tell my cousins and I that he's three months pregnant. Over the years, I've learnt that he's very much a family man. He and my grandmother were married for 59 years. Whenever mishap comes a-knocking on the family door, he's always the hero that saves the day. Hence, he's done so much for his family that words can never encompass his actions. All I can do now is pray that he's in a better place. Although I have always wished that he'd live long to see me get my SPM results, I guess God's got better plans for both of us, insyAllah.

Al-Fatihah to my Atuk. So much love, we miss you already

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