The Verdict

1:44 AM

Well.. surprise, surprise. I was really hoping for 7As from the beginning but thankfully God had something better in mind for me. I don't regret switching streams after a year. Although I was sooooo close to getting straight A's, I'm still pretty content with my results. Kfine, that's an understatement. I'm ECSTATIC! Such a shame my economics was a B+ though. Especially since I'm still considering doing it in college. After five years in high school, I finally managed to snag my first A in Malay language! In yo face

Had a celebratory lunch with my family (-dad) at TGI Sunway today. Finally, some fine quality food after almost three months of eating off metal trays! Anyway, I don't have anything planned out for the rest of the week except to enroll myself in a driving school. Missin' my best girly friends x

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