Current Obsession : Cabas Chyc

1:29 PM

I've been obsessing over this baby for over a month now. This is the most perfect shade of blue! A deep cerulean, I think. I find the Cabas Chyc so chic (surprising, from its name, I know) and a bag that only a big-shot tycoon (read: me) would carry. I love it when there are gold accents on an item, I find it a just the perfect touch of classy. The contrast between this blue and the gold metal Y is also very subtle and doesn't come across as colorblocking exuberance. YSL's Cabas Chyc comes in two sizes - medium and large, and an array of different colours - dark brown, black, navy blue, red, beige, purple, leopard print, etc. Yesterday while I was watching Gossip Girl, I saw Serena carrying the dark navy one in Season 5 x Ep 21. :-(

My birthday's coming in a month's time. Medium Cabas Chyc in Peacock Blue for yours truly, anyone? :-D

Here are other YSL arm candies that I also lalalove.

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