Mobile Uploads

7:19 PM

Recent photos from my mobile phone.

I miss my camera :-( It's currently at a friend's place. My careless self forgot to chuck it in my bag after a girly cleepover. That was very much in need.. The sleepover I mean. Haven't felt like so girly in a long time! You know they don't allocate time for you to brush your hair and shave your legs at camp right? Haha. So anyway, my car has arrived but I have yet to get my license. Before anyone suggests a Mini Cooper or a VW bug, it's far from it. Almost comical how far from it is from that. Nothing special, but hey at least it works!

A lot of people have started continuing their studies. When I'm asked about where I'll be starting college, I sort of don't know what to answer cause deep down inside, I'm really really really hoping to get a scholarship so I can carry on with my education close to home. I don't think I'd want to start college anytime soon anyway. Hey, I waited a year to finish SPM and when I did, I got sent to an exiled pre-military boot camp for three months. Now that I'm back, I hardly had time for myself so yeah, college can wait for a bit.

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