Unrehearsed Melodies

1:36 AM

Impromptu performance at Station One @ Dataran Sunway. A two hour (+-) set. Oh god this guy has the voice of an angel. Click to view his Youtube videos.

When I said impromptu, I meant MET THIS GUY AT 8.30pm FOR THE FIRST TIME AND PERFORM AT 9.30pm. First performance I'm getting paid for, so cheers to that. This guy is really talented btw. He's got a smooth jazzy voice, I guess. He even performed a Mandarin song alongside some solo songs while I sat on the stage.. like an idiot haha. A lady gave him a standing ovation when he sang the intro of Enrique's Hero. Some songs we sang together would be Someone Like You, The One That Got Away, Just The Way You Are and an Indonesian song called Mungkin Nanti by Peterpan (first time nyanyi lagu Indon tuuu). We catered mainstream music, in other words. I was sooo nervous. It's been more than a year since I last sang so publicly! I have driving class at 9am tomorrow. Ciao!

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