August : Little Things

6:00 PM

I found myself in the inaugural stage of a potential makeup obsession. Should have seen this coming. The months spent watching Meghan Rosette videos were a clear sign. There's just something about being a teenager that makes me feel like I have to get into something at every moment. There was a phase with film cameras, then came the one with shoes and now I end up with multiple shades of pinks at the back of my hand on a daily basis. KIDDING, not to that extent..yet. I could just live in Sephora and I'll be happy until my next fad comes and knocks me subconcious. Off onto another subject, I need new sunglasses. Does anyone know where I can purchase Ray Ban's Clubmaster? Pretty sure I have to go down to Singapore to buy one. A new purse would be dandy too, one with YSL initials on it. Haha!

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