Monster Hospital by Metric

6:06 PM

Just as I thought the year couldn't possibly have any more firsts to offer to me, I get hospitalized. On a Friday night! Much more exciting than my previous Friday nights, haha.

It was a viral fever. Being sprung from 39℃ to 36℃ back and forth for two weeks truly was a spiral. Not only that but the series of vomiting really sucked me dry. The string of upchucks made me feel as if my trachea was the hottest spot in town for my stomach to hang out.

Was admitted at Subang Jaya Medical Centre for two nights. To be frank, I enjoyed my privacy for a while. Having shared a room both at home and at uni SUCKS ok no sugarcoating for that part. Um.. hello.. the drip bag thingy really hurts..? I did not get the memo. They had it run through me my entire stay since I was dehydrated. Had it on my right hand for a while until it got swollen and it really was a stinging kind of pain. After that, the nurses had it changed to my left hand. On Saturday night, I woke up at the sight of two nurses handling my arm. Perplexed, was informed that my BLOOD had some kind of flowing problem because the drip bag ran dry for quite some time. Consequently, they flushed my blood with some sort of fluid which as far as I can remember, was the worst (medical-related) pain I have ever gone through my entire life LOL MAYBE CAUSE I'M A WUSS.

I received flowers! My parents also got me pink and coral daisies as well as hydrangeas after getting my cute derriere out of the medical centre. The doctor said it was most probably due to food contamination so watch what you eat, you guys. And put scented hand washes around the house to encourage your household to always wash your hands.

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