HAPPY 2013

4:31 PM

I feel like I've grown a lot this year. Being sent exile to a remote shithole. Having someone I loved wholeheartedly taken away from me. Seeing a person slowly die in front of my eyes, from a strong, healthy woman to a skinny comatose being and later returning to her Creator. Equipping an elderly I love dearly with company and stray her away from loneliness after recently losing her lover of 59 years. Earning my first pay check of working retail. Being given the chance of a big time scholarship but for a course I didn't want. Getting sent to a University that I so obviously don't fit in. Finally getting behind the wheels of a car. Getting hospitalized. Growing closer to my parents. And of course, the sadly but bound to happen -- lost of friends. Not forgetting, gaining new buds.

Here's to a whole new year of, InsyAllah, brutal improvement on my studies, getting fit, being a better Muslim and a wardrobe filled with designer goods!!

Happy new year, everybody!

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