Chain Boots by Chanel

12:45 PM

credit: The Blonde Salad

credit: Zimbio

credit: coolspotters, sparklestyle

credit: Native Fox

credit: Kayture

These Chanel boots are from their fall/winter 2013 collection. I've seen these boots on pretty much every fashion blogger there is, haha. I'm not a fan of them at all. Let's hope it's not the kind of dislike that forces me to reconsider my opinion and ends up in me liking them. Let me just say that if they weren't Chanel, I don't think people would go so insane for them cause they'd be too grungy or trashy for some people but hey, you see how that CC logo has got you hypnotized?! I would appreciate them as a form of art or a novelty piece but besides that, they'd pretty much be impractical. That's what I think anyway. Plus I have fat ankles so strapping them down would make me feel like my ankles are in an episode of The Biggest Loser or something.

I'm still on my personal endeavour of looking for a pair of cream/black leather espadrilles. The fact that it took me so long to actually admit how much I liked it was probably the reason why I couldn't find them anywhere. They're pretty much sold out and out of season.. but here I am.. on eBay. Everytime I see a Trapeze & espadrille combo on Instagram, I feel like slapping myself because somehow they look so good together! To me, anyway.

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