Boho Vibez

9:58 PM

Clubmaster sunglasses from Ray Ban
Hat from Cotton On
Kimono from Thailand
Tank top from Forever 21
Shorts from Roxy
Bag from Michael Kors
Boots from H&M

I've been spending a lot of time with my friend from high school, Emily. I think we're both really happy that we found each other at this time where everyone else is busy and the fact that we can practically see each other every day and it doesn't get boring. We've made plans for next year like on the weekend I'm done with my diploma. So damn excited, that's all we talk about. But as of right now, I still have two semesters to go. My next one starts in less than two weeks, boo.

I've taken some photos the past few months, more than usual after I've gotten my 50mm. I definitely want to post them but not on this blog. Any recommendations on what platform I should use to host my photoblog? Previously, I used Jux but since it shut down, my photos are homeless.

By the way, I love the kimono that I'm wearing in these pictures. I got it off a street market in Hat Yai, Thailand for like RM5. I love a good bargain. You know how I roll? Spend on the bags, save on the clothes lol

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