Nike Rosherun GS Geometric Triangles

10:30 PM

Tshirt by H&M
Mom Jeans by Topshop
Shoes by Nike

Pictures by Emily

Shoutout to my brother for these kick ass Roshe Runs. He got these for me for my 20th birthday from 17 Gallery, Subang. When everyone was biting onto the hype of Roshes, which I guess was when it was relatively new, I wasn't really into it. They looked pretty peculiar at first and well, boring which juxtaposed with what I thought of Free Runs. I love Nike Free Runs, they're so slick. I guess over time, the hype got to me and I caved in. At first I wanted the black one with the white swoosh because trust me when I say, I need basic sneakers. By basic, I mean neutral and can match basically anything. I love my Free Runs but, let's face it, blue and pink sneakers don't go with a lot of things.

So I went into 17 Gallery knowing I wanted the black and white pair. Before heading over there, it took a lot of convincing myself to get that pair and nothing else because I've seen plenty of really nice colour combinations/colorways. I NEEDED a black&white pair of sneakers. But they ran out. Although, they had this red pair in my size. What attracted me so much is that I've seen a ton of Roshes and I've never seen this particular one ever. I know a lot of people have the black one with the gray swoosh, the peach/pink gradient, the black and white one, the patterned black/gray ones, the pink splatter ones but definitely nothing like this. AND I WAS SOLD. Like what everyone else says about these shoes, the comfort Roshe Runs offer is unlike any other. It's insanely uncomfortable. And it doesn't come with a crazy expensive price tag either. They're quite affordable, in my opinion. I got these babies for RM200+.

I hope you guys like my new banner hehe

Have a pleasant Ramadhan! :-)

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