Nasir al-Mulk / Pink Mosque in Iran

1:19 PM

It's not often that I see a mosque finished with stained glass windows. The natural light shines through these windows casting a kaleidoscopic look indoors. Japanese photographer Koach exclaims that the windows are meant to catch the morning light and is as good as gone by noon. The way the light refracts through the glass and then falling over the tightly woven Persian carpet is so bewitching and otherworldly, he adds. However, that's not the only thing magical about this house of worship. The interior design and architecture seems spectacular.

In some pictures, the ceiling of certain areas of the mosque looks like what I'd describe an origami flower trying to lay flat. That sounded a hundred times better in my head though. One thing's for sure, it certainly doesn't fall short on coloured tiles. The mosque, albeit a little out of the ordinary, does maintain the traditional Islamic architecture like a fountain for ablutions and iwan arches. It is called "The Pink Mosque" due to the dominance of this colour in its interior.

Credit Mohammad Reza Domiri Ganji

Credit MY2200

Credit Omid Jafarnezhad

Credit hn.

Credit Marie Lanelau

Photo from kickassthings

Photo from kickassthings

Credit Amin Abedini

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