Odd Future x Vans Syndicate Old Skool Pro “S”

12:41 PM

Credits High Snobriety

I'm pretty sure this isn't something you thought you'd find on this space but it was one of those "I just had to" moments when I saw these kicks. The pink soles just makes it all the better. If you didn't know, I had a phase with the colour combination of green and pink once upon a time ago. They remind me of watermelons. The walls of my room are painted those two colours, of which I regret to this day because it makes it look so much smaller especially with the lack of natural lighting. Who has phases with colour combos anyway?!?

Anyway, back to this collab. Points for suede and extra points for the pink accent. The blue totally reminds me of this pair of The Hundreds sneakers I wanted like four years ago. These shoes feature the Golf Wang stitching as well as the kitty collage insoles.

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