Honeysuckle Memories

9:00 PM

On Sunday, I directed my first "shoot". It was a rainy day, as per usual, since we're at this time of the year. As there are variations to pretty much every picture, including those not published, I'll just tell you that the umbrella/jump action was quite comical. I had two umbrellas, one bigger than the other. Being an amateur, I obviously didn't have anyone else to help me. In other words, an assistant. I really wanted to capture the shot but juggling between balancing an umbrella under heavy rain (though it didn't seem like it in the picture) and making amendments to the setting in my camera was troublesome, to say the least. In the end, I ended up rolling down my car window with me shooting from the car and having the model jump outside in the rain. What came after was wet car interior on the driver's side. I just thought that was worth sharing. You know.. for the LOLs. But then again, if you laughed, you're probably cruel.

I'm quite glad with how these turned out. Might post more a little later. Also, big thank you to my model, Fara Azhar (twitter - @_farzhr).

More unimportant information : The title of this photoset is from a song - Zella Day's Compass. If you decide to listen to it, the remix isn't so bad either.

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