La Vie Bohème

11:03 PM

La Vie Bohème is French for the bohemian life.

I had my cousin Heeda Syafiqa (or Syaf) be in charge of make up. So glad I decided to call her because I love her work. There's two parts to this shoot so this is part one. For the first part, she did a bronzy, youthful look as I requested which worked really well. Pretty sure she could work anything up with her magical hands. I've seen her collection and it's beyond impressive.

Working with Syamimi was also a pleasure. It was actually my first time meeting Syamimi at the time of the shoot. Everything was so laid back and the three of us got along so well. Initially the plan was to start shooting at 3pm but as the weather is haywire at this time of year, it rained and we only got to start at about 6pm after makeup and wardrobe but everything still went well. Second part coming up sometime soon!

If any of you are interested in collaborating or shooting with me, drop me an email at

Photography, styling & post processing - Lisa Ameera
Make up - Heeda Syafiqa (@syaffyboo)
Model - Syamimi Amiruddin (@syamimiamiruddn)

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