MCM opening in Kuala Lumpur

3:57 PM

Sorry for the constant irregular postings on this blog.

H&M jumpsuit, Christian Dior bag.

On Wednesday, I went for the grand opening of the first MCM store in Kuala Lumpur. Having the first Malaysian store open in Pavilion is nothing less than perfect because it fits in so well with other high end labels. Neighbouring stores to MCM in Pavilion's new wing include Moschino and Tory Burch. The label is brought in by Melium Group, which is the same company behind Givenchy and Saint Laurent in Malaysia.

Local celebrities filled the room in ensembles you can't help but admire. The whole party was sort of a feast for my eyes because everyone was so well dressed, I was basically just naming everything in my head. My monologue the whole night was pretty much Alexander Wang. Fendi. Givenchy. Chanel. SS13. Isabel Marant. Hey I've seen her before.

Marion Caunter was best dressed, in my opinion. She wore this figure hugging black mini dress with fringes down the back, as well as black fingerless gloves. Sounds like what dreams are made of. I finally met Scha Alyahya. If you know me quite well, you'd know that I have a serious girlcrush on her, LOL. I got into a conversation with her, which made the underachiever in me feel very accomplished.

The shelves were packed with leather bags all accented with the signature Visetos (logo) and some with a kick of studs. I find MCM very suitable for style-conscious kids on the move. The Visetos decorated pretty much everything from sneakers to backpacks to plush toys. My favourite piece in the store was a black sweater with embossed detailing on the front.

Looking back at these photos of backpacks just remind me of 21 Jumpstreet in that scene where Channing Tatum's like "Single strap it" hahahaha

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