7:46 PM

Hello! I think it's high time I admit that I am terrible at updating my blog. There was a point where I could blog every other day but now, I constantly feel like there are always other things that I prefer to put my attention to. Everybody only has 24 hours a day (even Beyonce) and you only have time to get something done if you make time for it. I guess my priorities have changed then.

Whatever it is, I only have a month left before I complete my diploma. On the 8th next month, I'll be done with my final exams and I don't know how I'm suppose to feel about that. To say that the next four weeks is gonna be hectic is a total understatement. Plenty of photos are pending to be processed, so many final projects to be completed, plans to be finalised, syllabus to cover, etc.

Here are some of my recent works :

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