US Trippin' Part I - Overview

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In April, I flew to the US a few days after my final exams that marked the end of my diploma. I knew I was going on this trip a year ago in May 2013 as I spent the midnight of my 20th birthday buying music festival tickets for the following year.

So there I was, excited and scared for about eleven months as it has been a while since I flew that large of a distance and I knew that there was a chance I was going to go through it alone since what I had planned was to meet my friends there. And that's exactly what happened. Flying alone isn't something I'm unfamiliar with. The thought of flying alone for about 20 hours however, only took my anxiety to greater heights. The idea of being away from home for a month didn't make me any less anxious. The last time I was away from home for that long was for national service and that left me kicking and screaming for home. (note: I might be exaggerating. read: might)

At this stage, I was a jumble of emotions – glad to be going on this trip, fear of no social contact for hours, thankful to have finally completed my diploma, ridiculously emotional from previous shortcomings, excited for the music festival. I was a metaphorical quilt made up of multiple hexagonal patches of feelings. Lol.

It was 4 hours from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong and 14 hours from Hong Kong to Los Angeles. All I could think of was "when the hell will I get there?!? Is there a faster way of travelling? Maybe a private jet. Can't afford that. How do people do this a lot? Don't they get tired? Don't they get uneasy? Let me arrive already". You know, the usual monologue of a pessimist.

The plan was KL-HKG-LA-NY-LA-HKG-KL. In detail, it was Kuala Lumpur to Los Angeles with a layover in Hong Kong. Domestic flight from Los Angeles to New York and then back to LA. And after that back home to KL. What I had in mind was in New York, I wanted to visit my best friend in Philadelphia and perhaps go on a short trip to San Francisco from Los Angeles.

This series will consist of six parts –
Part I - Overview
Part II - Los Angeles
Part III - The Coachella Experience
Part IV - New York City
Part V - Brooklyn
Part VI - Philadelphia

Disclaimer: No promises on when these posts might come up. I might take a day to post on one part and a year to post the next. Lol. I usually spend about two days on a single post so imagine going through thousands of photos in my library, having to recall my memories and stitching it all in place.

All photos and videos were taken using Canon 60D, iPhone 5, Fujifilm X-M1 and GoPro Hero 3+.

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