US Trippin' Part II - Los Angeles

10:45 PM

Los Angeles, CA
LA in LA. I remember feeling chilly the first night I got there. My friend Ely took me out to dinner and before mocking me to some of our high school friends. "Guys, Lisa thinks SoCal is cold". Of course I was fine with it since my whole life is a joke on its own. Hahaha.

I loved LA. Everyone's driving was so chill unlike the catastrophe that is KL traffic. What I remember admiring most was how pedestrians get top priority. People were ridiculously friendly, even those who you don't want approaching you. It's sunny but still pretty chilly though nighttime is another story. The service you get in the US generally is satisfying, sometimes way above average. Though bear in mind that tipping is customary so that might be a direct indicator of why they provide stellar service at times. Ely warned me about how there were gonna be a lot of weirdos in certain areas like Downtown LA, Venice Beach and Hollywood and she was absolutely right. I'm not talking about homeless people, I'm talking about legit weirdos. Some fall into the shaded area between the circles of "homeless" and "weird" of my mentally drawn Venn diagram. I guess I should've figured that the idea of a girl walking alone in a town full of creeps probably wasn't such a smart idea. That's like lighting up a candle by the curtains and hoping it won't catch fire.

Some of the places I went to in California were Third Street Promenade, Santa Monica Pier and beach, Venice Beach, Zuma beach in Malibu, Universal Studios Hollywood, Walk of Fame in Hollywood, Griffith Observatory, Downtown LA, Rodeo Drive, Coachella Valley and Palm Springs. All in all, I really did enjoy my stay in LA. I love how everything is pretty laidback but you could still catch some action in different areas. While I was there, AlunaGeorge and Matt&Kim played live shows but I didn't manage to catch them, sadly. And it was just so nice to have a friend who was willing to help out, not to mention accommodate and chauffeur. I don't think I could've asked for anything more.

On the contrary, my biggest disappointment was not being able to go to Yosemite National Park. It was a five/six hour drive from West LA. We felt the need to have a guy tag along since there was probably no reception in the area so we might have to rely completely on a compass and map. My past experiences don't include anything along those lines so that was a problem. Hiking, what we most probably ought to be doing there, without a guy around can get pretty scary too we thought. The dude who was suppose to accompany us had last minute plans so we didn't have a choice. Devastated, sure, but it's alright. You can't have everything this world.

Anyways, Third Street was pretty much the only place I kept going back to get whatever I needed.. or wanted, rather. You can tell it's a very touristy spot with so many people basking or entertaining for money. Universal Studios was really nice! Growing up watching The Simpsons every weekday at 6pm naturally made me a fan. Hence, I was more than ecstatic when I saw an entire area dedicated to the set in the cartoon. There was Homer's plantation office, Moe's bar, Krustyland, and some other I can't really recall right now. I had the vege burger at Krusty Burger which was great. The merch store had me in all kinds of dilemmas because first: things didn't cost two cents each and second: if there is such a thing as too many choices, then that was the situation I was facing. I bought the Duff beer mug, Duff beer tshirt, Moe's apron and some other generic home stuff. I also bought a tshirt with Sheldon's (from The Big Bang Theory) face on it with the words "Bazinga!" written across from it.

Santa Monica Pier and beach was the typical LA postcard image you would have in mind. Really nice, none the less. Very photogenic, if you can't already tell from my post of all the pictures I took recently. Honestly I was only very very very very excited for the pier because I used to play GTA V a lot.. like religiously especially online. So I would remember the spots I usually played Survival (basically a shootout) in the game which included the Santa Monica Pier and Pershing Square in Downtown.

^Basically me

Some other things I should mention is probably Bottega Louie in Downtown LA. It's a gorgeous Italian restaurant, like it came straight out of The Grand Budapest Hotel. High ceilings, a ridiculously wide selection of dessert, huge pizzas. Could totally imagine myself having lunch there all the time if I was to ever work in the area (note: highly unlikely).

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