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After three or four years of wanting to get my diving license, I finally got mine done. I've learnt that after waiting around on other people for so long, whether their breaks don't liaise with yours or they just end up using the money they saved for something else, just go ahead and get it done on your own. A few months back, I followed an instagram account called Project Vacation where they organize many different types of outdoor activities such as diving, caving, rafting, mountaineering, etc. They had an open call for a Discovery Scuba Diving (DSD) session which was not compulsory for those who intend on getting their Open Water license but it does help to prepare students to get comfortable with the equipments amongst other things.

I ended up going alone on a trip where I only knew an instructor and an instructor's assistant. In total, there was about 20+ students and leisure divers. This was a big deal for me because if you do not know me personally, you won't know that I have a very hard time getting comfortable with people. Making friends is definitely not my strong suit. Somehow rather, the people I hung out with were absolutely hilarious and I ended up extending my stay making it one of my most memorable trips ever.

The course took two whole days of classes and going out to sea. Everyone pretty much got their license on the third day. However, the fun ONLY started once most of the students left the island cause by then, it was just a small group of us who stayed behind. Highlights include: riding the ATV like rascals up the jungle, hiking to the next beach, walking to the quiet end of the beach, late nights with the lads and star gazing. At this point, I probably should mention that the dive center we stayed at was located at Kampung Genting. Tioman has about seven(?) beaches, I think. The last time I went to Tioman was in 2014 and we stayed at the same beach as well but on the opposite end.

A few days before I left, we wanted to go snorkel but I ended up getting my calf burned by a motorbike exhaust as I was trying to get off it so we had to scrap that idea in order to avoid the burn from getting infected.

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