Lost Valley 2016

11:02 AM

A friend invited me to come along for a camping trip. Like other invitations I received involving travelling or the outdoors, I said yes without a second thought.

My sleeping pattern has been messed up for awhile now with 8AM classes, volunteering, photo gigs, school work and making time for friends who were home for their summer break. Perhaps if I thought it through, I'd be a little bit more prepared to how exhausted I'd be at the end of this all. And this was post-hiking the day before.

They had about twenty tents set up for us. I think in total there was about 50 people and to my surprise, everyone was very friendly and easy to get along with. My friend and I carpooled with other attendees of the event that we've never met. Most of the time when I see open invites to such events, I usually just turn it down cause I'd be way to scared to talk to people but this totally changed my perspective. I love how most of the people were into the outdoors, travelling and sports which meant they were fine with roughing it out– the kind of people I like. We went trekking into the nearby jungle. It was slippery due to the rain earlier in the day. Some parts of the trek got really narrow and what added to my fear was the fact that it was by the slopes. The whole way to the waterfall was about half an hour and I did it in my flip flops.

Later that day, they had three different performances set up and I'm not exaggerating when I say there were all really, really good. The first were these two boys (I dont know what their stage name is) who were really great. It reminded me of how I love watching people do the things they love. My most favourite one was the cover of Frank Ocean's Thinking Of You. Then was a performer who goes by The Last One Awake who was singing about the moon (!!!!!!) and sea in a storytelling kind of way. Lastly was a band called Box For Letters and trust me, listening to GOOD Coldplay covers in the woods is a whole different experience, it made me tear up. The vocalist was SPECTACULAR and the lead guitarist was so entertaining to watch.

After that, we released flying lanterns and roasted marshmellos while some got busy with the outdoor cinema.

Location : Janda Baik, Bentong

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